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E-commerce Capabilities

  • ECommerce Search Engine Optimization
  • PPC Management – Google Ads, Bing Ads, Yahoo
  • Search | Display | Dynamic Remarketing | Mobile | Video Ads
  • Google Merchant Center Setup
  • Google Shopping Optimization
  • ECommerce Cart Setup and Integration
  • A/B Testing – shopping cart abandonment
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Amazon, eBay, Wal-mart, Market Place Optimization
  • Website support, design, and development

On the left, you can see the figures for the month of May, on the right, the respective figures for the month of June.

From the top to the bottom, you can see that the actual number of orders received during June was 7% higher than in the previous month. The average order value was also increased. This is particularly valuable because it increases the lifetime value of each customer in return for each customer acquisition cost (CAC).

Notice also that revenues increased, month-on-month, by 22%.

These are the kinds of results your e-commerce business will get when you partner with our digital marketing team.

Leverage a team of e-commerce experts who can help increase your return on investment with PPC, SEO and conversion rate optimization.


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